• Mining Wire Rope

    Crane wire ropes are designed for providing a smooth conduct of work process of offshore cranes, container cranes, dockside cranes.

  • Bright Steel Wire Rope

    Bright steel wire rope refers to general wire rope without surface treatment, normally lubricated with grease to protect the wire rope from corroding.

  • Galvanized Wire Ropes

    Galvanized steel wire ropes are constructed of galvanized wires which are dipped in the tank containing molten zinc to form a thick layer of zinc coating before the wire is drawing through dies.

  • Gas & Oilfield Wire Ropes

    Gas & oilfield wire ropes with higher breaking strength, excellent flexibility for gas and oil industry.

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As specialist for manufacturing quality steel wire ropes over 20 years, our company can supply strong, durable and reliable ropes that capable to minimize your downtime and maximize cost effectiveness. Decades of experience we owned make us know clearly the work you do and capable to provide professional guidance.

Quality commitment
We select the best steel or stainless steel as raw material for wire rope manufacturing. Our products are manufactured under strict quality managements and test before they leave the factory.

Service commitment
Our engineers can provide professional advice about picking up optimal steel wire ropes for their application, installation guidance to ensure maximum return in their wire rope system.

Price commitment
As one of the largest manufacturers in China, we can purchase better materials at a lower price. Then we transmit this saving to our customers by providing the most competitive price.

Steel wire ropes with FC & IWRC

If you are going to pick up steel wire ropes that suit your project perfectly, you must have an ideal about the construction about them. Our company can supply bright wire rope, galvanized wire rope, stainless steel wire rope, compacted wire rope, rotation resistant wire ropes, mining wire rope, elevator wire rope, crane wire rope and gas & oilfield wire ropes. Here are some details to solve the problem that may puzzle you whether you are browsing the web or picking up steel wire ropes.

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  • Bright steel wire ropes mean no surface treatment is applied to the rope. Therefore, they have the lower price among these three wire ropes. Generally, they are fully lubricated to protect the rope from rust and corrosion.
  • Galvanized steel wire ropes feature compressed zinc coating for providing excellent corrosion resistance. With higher break strength yet lower price than stainless steel, galvanized steel wire ropes are widely used in general engineering applications such as winches and security ropes.
  • Stainless steel wire ropes, made of quality 304, 305, 316 steels, are the most corrosive type for marine environments and other places subjected to salt water spray. Meanwhile, bright and shiny appearance can be maintained for years rather than dull as galvanized steel wire ropes.

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FC stands for fiber core, made of natural or synthetic fiber, which can provide excellent flexibility and resistance to contact pressure. The fiber core can store lubrication to reduce the friction between wire strands effectively. Meanwhile, the fiber core makes the rope lower deformable with low elastic rope elongation.
WSC is abbreviation of wire strand core. WSC ropes features better heat resistance than FC ropes, meanwhile, increase metallic section provide added 15% of strength. However, WSC steel ropes are less flexible than those with fiber cores.
IWRC is short for independent wire rope core, which strengths the rope, reduce tensile stress in individual wires as well as makes the ropes more resistant to crushing. At the same time, IWRC wire ropes have the maximum heat resistance than others FC or WSC ropes.

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Cross laid wire rope means each wire of different layers contacts in points and has relatively large spaces between wires. It is extremely flexible and generally used in slings. Compared with parallel laid wire rope, this one has smaller contact area which makes it easier to fail due to fatigue and shear over time.
Parallel laid wire rope has wider contact areas with minimal breaks caused by inside abrasion. They boast low bending fatigue and higher breaking load without any destruction of strand shapes taking advantages of their tight structure. Normally, parallel laid wire ropes can be classified into four types: seale type (S), filler wire type (F), warrington type (W) and warrington & seale type (WS) as shown below:

Seale type

The outer stands have larger diameter than inner strands for excellent abrasion resistance and high flexibility.

Filler wire type

With small wires in the valley between outer and inner strands, filler wire rope features good abrasion and excellent fatigue resistance.

Warrington type

Warrington ropes feature alternative large and small outer strands for great flexibility with resistance to abrasion.

Warrington & seale type

It is a combination of warrington type and seale type with large diameter and high abrasion resistance.

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Steel wire ropes are composed of multiple strands of individual wires that surrounding a wire or fiber center to form a combination with excellent fatigue and abrasion resistance. These wires and strands are wound in different directions to from different lay types as follows:

Right lay
  • The strands of right lay ropes run in a clockwise direction.
  • Generally used construction.
Left lay
  • The strands of left lay ropes run in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • Not as common as right lay.
Regular lay
  • Wires in strands run opposite to strand direction.
  • With excellent rotation resistance.
  • Less likely to kink and untwist.
  • Better resistance against crush than lang lay ropes.
  • In left and right lay.
Lang lay
  • Direction of wires in strands is same as strand direction.
  • The best resistance against wear and tear.
  • Enhance abrasion resistance and fatigue resistance.
  • More flexible than regular lay ropes.
  • In left or right lay.

Beside above lay types, alternative lay ropes which combine regular lay and lang lay together and ideal for boom hoist and winch lines, can also be supplied as your request.

Hot Products

Mining wire ropes made of quality high carbon wires, are capable to withstand rugged working environments of surface and underground mining.

Elevator wire ropes with parallel laid structures, are available in six, eight and nine strands with FC or IWRC for different elevator applications.

Crane wire ropes are designed for providing a smooth conduct of work process of offshore cranes, container cranes, dockside cranes.

Gas & oilfield steel wire ropes are designed with higher breaking strength, excellent flexibility and longevity for rotary drilling and platforms.

The most popular products and specifications
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